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If you have recently gotten dentures, you might be experiencing some challenges that you may not have been expecting. Dentures can be a fantastic way to restore your smile as they can help fill out your face’s profile and can even help you look younger. But if you are having difficulties, it could make you lose confidence in your restorations, which is why we want to help identify a couple of common issues and how you can overcome them.

Problems Eating
Your dentures might slip a little when you bite or chew, and some foods could get under them and cause irritation. It can take practice before eating with them will feel normal. You can start with soft foods and cut them into small pieces, at first. Also, you could chew on both sides to help stabilize your new teeth. Within a relatively short period of time, your confidence can start to grow, and you might start eating foods that you used to once more.

Difficulty Speaking
Speaking can be similar, in that it could be difficult at first. Your dentures may feel foreign, which might make forming words around them harder. You can practice speaking with a close friend, singing along to songs, or reading from a favorite book. Any of these can help you become more comfortable speaking with your new smile.

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