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Your body’s ability to self-heal is a miraculous thing. One of the things it does to heal itself is to inflame the area where it has been injured. Swelling can occur in or on any part of the body, and normally goes away when whole again. When the body cannot completely heal by itself, the inflammation will remain, or come and go as the body fights infection.

Your mouth can become inflamed for various reasons. Burns, cuts, illnesses, allergies, medication, among others, are all common culprits of mouth swelling. Probably the most common type of mouth swelling are burns from overly hot food or beverages. These burns are so common that they have been given a name descriptive of the most frequent type, “pizza palate.” While this kind can cause blistering, redness, swelling, and discomfort, they are usually not severe enough to cause loss of normal functions and they heal completely with a week’s time.

Chronic mouth inflammation, the type that doesn’t heal on its own, is a more insidious problem that may require you to make an appointment with your dental professional or primary care physician to figure out. Usually, when a mouth becomes infected and inflammation does not go away, it is due to some sort of medical condition that is affiliated with gum disease.

Treatment for an inflamed mouth is dependent upon the severity of the swelling and whether or not it affects your normal, daily functions, such as eating, speaking, breathing, etc. When any of these necessary bodily functions are impaired, you should come and see us immediately for an evaluation.

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